Marine Services

Mechanic Services Available

In addition to selling everything you need to equip your boat, we also handle repairs and tune-ups.

Our mechanics can do on or off-site repairs to suit your needs. Our talented marine mechanics can work on all makes and models of motors. We carry a wide selection of parts for Johnson, Mercury, and Evinrude motors, as well as rebuilt propellers.

Services & Rates

$13.00 per day / boat
$430.00 per season (non-reserved)
$490.00 per season (reserved)

Fork-lift rates
$25.00 per lift (taxes extra)

Hull cleaning

Barge Rental
Transportation of materials
$120.00/hr for the barge and operator
$40.00/hr each additional person
Minimum travel time of one hour applies

Holding and Septic Tank Pump-outs
Please note: There are several components to the cost of a pump-out. At the very least, you will need to allow for the barge’s travel time, plus the pumping costs. Locating and uncovering buried tanks, and flushing as needed, may also need to be figured in. Costs are shown below. If the barge is requested, but upon arrival at your location, cannot pump, barge travel time will still apply.

Barge travel time
$120.00/hr for the barge and operator
$40.00/hr for each additonal person
Time is calculated based on round trip from C&D Barge Services to your location and back. Minimum travel time charge of $225.00 (includes two people) applies. Non-emergency rush jobs (within 24 hours) carry a $100.00 surcharge.

Locating and uncovering buried tanks

Flushing tanks

Pumping Costs (based on tank size)

Fewer than 1200 gallons
$420.00 plus travel time as above.

Between 1200 and 2400 gallons
$480.00 plus travel time as above.

Between 2400 and 4000 gallons
$600.00 plus travel time as above.

Boat Towing
$45.00/hr, minimum one hour charge

Fax Transmission
$1.50 per page (plus HST)

Appliance Disposal Services
Appliance disposals: $50.00 flat rate, plus $85.00/hr labour. Please add in costs of taxi trip (if we need to come to your cottage to pick up the appliance) plus the dump tipping fee.

Boat disposals
Minimum $300.00 disposal fee, other charges may also apply. Please call for our Parts and Service Manager to arrange. Please call Randy Hauth to confirm arrangements.

Water Taxi Fees
To anywhere on Clear or Stony Lakes. Depending on your destination on the lake, usually between $17.00 and $85.00 one way (plus HST).

Please call ahead to ensure that we have a water taxi driver available upon your arrival.

We well:

Motor oil
Premixed 50:1 Gas/Oil blend
Oil for outboard and inboard engines

10 lb
20 lb
30 lb
40 lb
100 lb

Carveth’s Marina Ltd.

  • 24 hours $13.00
  • Day (1-5 hours) $7.00
  • Weekend $21.00
  • 1 Week $65.00
  • 2 Weeks $120.00
  • Seasonal $430.00
  • Reserved $490.00

Marine Repairs
Our shop rate is $90.00/hr (plus HST). Time and a half on Sundays and after regular marina hours.

Need a mechanic on-site? Service calls are $100.00 call-out charge, plus $90.00/hr.

Winter Storage
We provide indoor and outdoor storage. Shrink wrapping is available. Contact us for an estimate.

Trailer Ramp Fees
$6.00 to put your boat in (includes HST)